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At Zahn Law Office, we understand that there is nothing more important to you than the well-being of your children, especially after divorce or legal separation. You should not have to undergo the pressure of a custody case without the security of seasoned representation in your corner. Let us join your team. Together, we can protect your children and their future.

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Child Custody Laws in California

California law favors joint physical and legal custody if both parents are able and willing to work together. If they refuse to comply, the court is responsible for creating an alternative plan that prioritizes the children’s best interests.

The main factors considered by the judge at this time are:

  • Whether either parent has a history of domestic violence
  • Whether either parent has a habit of drug and/or alcohol abuse
  • The age of the children
  • The children’s wishes, if they are mature enough to have an informed preference
  • The current nature and amount of contact each parent has with the children
  • Which parent is more likely to encourage frequent visits with the other parent

Types of Custody Arrangements

There are two categories of custody that the court will address:

  • Legal custody, or who has the right to make important decisions about the children’s welfare, such as education, medical care, and religious upbringing
  • Physical custody, or where the children will live and who is responsible for their daily care

The judge can order joint or sole custody for either category. A joint physical custody ruling means the children will live with both parents as equally as possible according to a set schedule. Conversely, when one parent is given sole physical custody, the other will either have visitation rights or, in extreme cases of abuse or neglect, will be barred access to the children altogether.

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