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What is the Difference Between Separation and Divorce?

The most relevant differences between obtaining a legal separation rather than a divorce is that it takes effect immediately after it is ordered and does not actually terminate a marriage. While those who are granted a divorce go back to their single status, a couple which separates is still legally married.

There are many reasons why some couples choose to pursue a separation, the most common being:

  • It is generally cheaper than divorce proceedings
  • It provides an option that allows for easy reconciliation in the future
  • It allows couples to retain marital privileges such as healthcare or immigration status

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How Does Legal Separation Work in California?

Couple getting separatedDepending on the relationship between the couple, many of the pertinent issues involved with a separation can be agreed upon without needing to go to court. Involving a mediator to assist if the spouses are unwilling to come to a mutual decision on the terms of their split may be effective. Agreements can be arranged through negotiations between attorneys or, in more contentious cases, through the court directly.

Some of the most important decisions that must be made during this process concern:

How Long Does Legal Separation Take in California?

Unlike divorce, legal separation in California takes effect immediately. However, it is possible for the final judgment of legal separation to take longer if the spouses are unable to reach a mutual agreement in dividing community assets and debts.

Can You Be Legally Separated and Live in the Same House in California?

California law allows for a couple to be considered as “living separate and apart,” even if they are still under the same roof, if:

  1. One spouse has expressed his or her intent to end the marriage to the other spouse; and
  2. The spouse’s conduct is consistent with his or her intent to end the marriage.

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